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Vent & Blowdown Silencers

Model Designation VS or VSH

Vent and blowdown silencers are designed to eliminate excessive noise created by the discharge of high pressure gases and steam into the atmosphere. Vent silencers find wide applications in process vents, boiler and reactor blowdown, compressor start-up, and cryogenics switch valves. Vent silencers can be furnished with open end discharge or in-line, and vertical (VS) or horizontal (VSH) installation. QUIETFLO offers standard and custom designs to meet specific noise criteria and back pressure requirements.

These silencers incorporate an inlet diffuser which can be sized to provide any backpressure that the customer may require for his safety or relief valve.

Multiple inlets can be added to any Vent Silencer, making the Quietflo VS Silencer a potential cost saver since one silencer can accommodate the input from multiple sources.

Each inlet contains a diffuser section which allows the particular inlet to provide any backpressure requirement that the customer might need.

The silencers are designed to ASME Code but are not commonly pressure tested. Fabrication is sub-contracted to pre-qualified fabricators.

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