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In-Line Silencers

Model Designation LAS

For the reduction of excessive noise from pressure reduction systems for Steam, Gases, Natural Gas or Air. Special designs available for oxygen service, which also requires special cleaning procedures and lower velocities.

The noise generated by pressure reduction valves is predominantly high frequency.

QUIETFLO model LAS silencers are therefore of an absorptive design, to provide maximum attenuation of noise in the 1, 2 and 4kHz Octave Bands.

These silencers are ASME Code designed and hydrotested. ASME Code stamp is available upon request. Fabrication is sub-contracted to pre-qualified fabricators.

Gas enters the silencer through an inlet diffuser, designed to dissipate high energy noise and to reshape the frequency spectrum to insure maximum effectiveness of the multi-tubed acoustical section.

The primary expansion chamber allows continuous expansion of the gas stream, reducing velocity and turbulence, thereby decreasing the generated noise energy. The flowtube assembly is designed to an optimum length/diameter ratio to maximize noise absorption while minimizing pressure drop. The silencer shell is lined to minimize the effect of noise radiation as well as to provide additional noise attenuation within the silencer.

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