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In-Line Diffusers

Model Designation LDF or LDF-P

Reactive device for the reduction of excessive noise from pressure reduction systems for steam, gas or air.

QUIETFLO model LDF in-line diffusers are designed to reduce the noise typically associated with pressure reducing valve applications. These diffusers are effective when treated as a system in combination with the valve to achieve the total pressure reduction required.

Diffusers can serve several functions:

They provide a method of dispersing the high pressure reductions typically seen at pressure reducing valves and regulators

They dissipate high energy noise and reshape the frequency spectrum, shifting the peak frequency to a higher octave band.

Where applicable, they can be designed to provide a desired back pressure on the valve.

Quietflo Diffusers are available in a range of materials, the most common being mild carbon steel. SS 304 is also available. Call for special material requirements-price and availability

In addition to our standard Diffuser Line, we offer drilled Diffuser Plates(model LDF-P) These plates are provided on request , in materials specified by our customers. The most common being A-516 and SS 304. Drilled diffuser Plates have 4 mounting tabs to facilitate mounting between customer pipe flanges of any size or rating.

Fabrication is sub-contracted to pre-qualified fabricators.

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