Noise Control Division
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In-Line Diffusers

In-Line Silencers

Stack Insert Silencers

Vent & Blowdown Silencers

Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers

Splitter Type Inlet & Exhaust Silencers

The Quietflo Noise Control Division of Flaregas Corporation specializes in Fluid-borne noise control associated with blowers, compressors, engines, fans, gas turbines, reciprocating and vane type pumps, control and pressure reducing valves, and other flow processes.

Since its establishment in 1971, Quietflo has successfully served the Chemical, Cogeneration, Cryogenic, Gas Transmission, Pulp and Paper, Refinery, and Utility Industries worldwide, as well as the U.S. Armed Services, with noise pollution control equipment.

Our engineers have diversified backgrounds from which we can draw on to assist you with your specific noise problem. With our in-house expertise, combined with computer-aided designs, we are able to analyze and understand the TOTAL SYSTEM application and provide cost-effective solutions to highly complex noise and vibration problems.

Quietflo designed silencers and noise control equipment is fabricatoed by pre-qualified fabrication sub-contractors, experienced in the fabrication of Quietflo designed equipment.

For special applications, Quietflo has designed and supplied silencers fabricated from fiberglass reinforced plastics and special alloy steels.


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